PERSONAL TRAINING (to your home, gym or outdoor)

  1. You know you should be doing some exercises but cannot find motivation?
  2. You lack leadership and someone who can push you through the workout ?
  3. You don’t know how to exercise to not to hurt your knees, spine, shoulders and overall so that it is correct and safe?
  4. You have none or minimum exercise equipment or maybe you need a structured bodyweight plan?
  5. You enjoyed holiday¨ to the fullest¨ and now you are few kg havier , but you want to get into shape before the summer?


You are in the right place! 
Taking that first step towards a healthier you can be difficult, but I am here to guide you & coach you all the way to achieving your goal, wether it is weight/ fat loss, muscle gain, improving flexibility, cardio health or increasing strength.

  • I provide tailored personal training sessions to clients of all abilities.
  • I also recommend this approach if you have a specific injury, health condition or goal which means you’d benefit from more intense support.
  • Whether you are local from IBIZA looking for a long term cooperation, you are here on holiday or short stay, you can benefit from this service.
  • I will come directly to by you chosen place, like this you will save your time and I will bring all training material.


What you can expect?
Every person I work with has different goals and abilities and a different back story.

The first thing I do when you decide to start your fitness journey with me is a full one-on-one movement screening so i can get to know you and your body. This means that from your very first session with me I can get everything tailored TO YOU, any adjustments in your training or nutrition plan will be made every 2-4 weeks.

The sessions will take around an hour including (warm up, training, and cool down.) depending on your needs and availability

Offering : 1-2 Intense training  for those who are on holiday ( for more info please contact me via whatsapp or email)

Price vary, depending on your location and training frequency.

You can purchase a single 1 session, Intense PT for those on holiday ,8 sessions, 12 sessions per month, 16 sessions  per month

For price information please contact me via whatsapp or email.


Don’t jump to another unsuccessfull youtube video, where you won’t get any feedback on whether you’re doing it right or wrong and no one will correct you.

Unless you have a precise plan to lose weight under the guidance and supervision of quality coach, the results will simply not come or at least not as quickly as you wish and even if they do, you might  be risking hurting yourself performing exercises incorrectly.

  • Personalized plans are adapted to the level and materials of each person.
  • In case of not having any equipment available, I will create a bodyweight routine for you or will recommend you to buy some material as of (Dumbbells, Kettlbell) that help you with your training, but all depends on a client´s needs.


Basic equipment: set of dumbells (at least 4 kg) , resistance bands long & short, stepper.

What is included?

  • 30 minutes of free online consultation
  • Detailed training plan tailored to your current conditions and goals
  • Continuous communication via WhatsApp or email
  • In-depth explained analysis of technique and exercises
  • Regular weekly updates by videocall or email
  • Follow-up by videocall every 2 weeks and change every 4 weeks.
  • Resolution of doubts about the training or nutrition by email, unlimited.


Renewal, the necessary changes will be made to your plan in order to bring you ever closer to your goal.

Through a questionnaire you will receive, I will be able to see your progress and you will tell me what your feelings are, what you would like to change and how you have been carrying out the plan. Thanks to this information, I will be able to make the pertinent modifications and continue advancing towards your goal.

For pricing contact me via whatsapp or email.


Are you missing motivation ? You can now train with your partner or a friends and achieve goals together !

I will help you get the best results in the shortest time, in the most effective and safe way.

45 min intense & fun training at any location chosen by you and hour that suits you best. After the session you can enjoy your well-deserved time at the beach or your favourite club😊

Small group – couple training: allow me for better communication and ability to spend time & check the proper form of each client when performing the exercise.

Classes are designed to be :

  • Fun & Challenging
  • Specialized for toning & fat loss, balance and coordination
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Whatsappsupport
  • Bottle of water provided


You can „book“ a single class, 4 sessions, 8 sessions or 12 sessions per month.


  • Are you new to fitness or you just keep working out and not seeing results you desire?
  • Are you confused about what exercises to choose, how many repetitions or series to do?
  • You’re clear on your diet, but you’re still not moving?


There are many people whose no matter how good they eat are still limited to progress due to wrongly created (performed) workout routine (training plan) 

Therefore, I offer you the opportunity to cooperate exclusively in the field of training programming. I will define the goals and set the training process according to your personal goal, level, daily activity and weekly availability.

During the cooperation you will have the opportunity to consult with me about any adjustments.

You get quality training tailored to your needs, not just a randomly downloaded plan from the Internet. Finally, you will not be groping in series, repetitions and exercises, but you will have a structured plan that you will understand.

This is a long-term collaboration, during which we will adjust the whole process based on your feedback, training videos and progress.

What does it include?

  • Free 30min online consultation,
  • Review of your progress through pictures, weigh-ins, and measurements.
  • Adjustments to your program will be made as needed based on your progress ( every 2-4 weeks)
  • Email support to answer any of your questions, unlimited.


Are you confused with the common recommendations: „Eat clan & eat according to your goal“ mean?

Are you interested in a healthy eating, but tailored exactly to your needs?

Is your goal to lose weight/fat or gain muscle mass? Do you have specific intolerances or allergies that do not allow you to eat everything?

This plan is indicated for those people who do certain sport and need help to create a sustainable nutrition plan with tasty, easy and quick recipes.

With your first plan, you will receive a guide with useful and simple daily tips that will help you implement your new habits and meet your goals.

A nutrition plan is created for 4/8/12 weeks, after 4 weeks I recommend to renovate the plan to continue make changes and progress to achieve your goals.

I will give you 7 recipes for every meal which you can change if you don’t feel like eating the same thing every day .

I will give you a hand and a plan but the rest is in your hands.

How do I create a personalised meal plan

  • First, let’s look at your basics: your weight, high, physical activity, sleep quality, possible intolerances and allergies, and anything that may affect your energy intake and expenditure.
  • I need to know your favorite and least favorite foods. after all, no one wants to eat things we don’t like.
  • Then I set your calories up, all depends on your goal and phase you are at.
  • You will get everything you need to successfully lose fat(tone) and gain muscle mass. Your new journey for a healthier and more confident self can start NOW.


What does it include:

  • Initial consultation to work out daily calorie burn and to look at your current routine and discussion of your goals/timeframe.
  • All meals contain recipes, macronutrient value, and portion ratios you need to eat.
  • Weekly consultations and adjustments every 2 weeks to your plan as needed.
  • Comprehensive nutrition and supplementation advice (strength training not included)
  • PDF for the fridge
  • 4 – 8-12 weeks


Full package of 100% personalized diet plan & training plan tailored to your needs, level and weekly availability.

The well known „abs are made in the kitchen“ is true and in combination with well designed weight/resistance training you will achieve that.

The plan has duration of 4 weeks. After four weeks I recommend to continue with the renewals to continue evolving and to be able to achieve the desired objectives.

The plan includes:

  • Free 30 min consultation
  • Nutrition plan with recipes for every meal, macronutrient, portion sizes, suggested supplements
  • Training plan, tailored to your needs
  • Monitoring and review of your progress through pictures, weigh-ins, and measurements.
  • Adjustments to your program will be made as needed based on your progress.
  • EXTRA: Training guide with 28 pages to get you started.

Contact me for free

Let’s talk about your fitness goals and setup a starting points for your future workouts. First 30 minute consultation is free, but if you want more in-depth consultation, the 60 minute online consultation is just for you!