Let me help you
become the best
version of yourself

I promote a healthy, manageable and sustainable approach as I want my clients to get great results and live a life they enjoy. I understand the struggle of failing and not progressing with your fitness journey, as I was there once too.

— It's about balance

Build a healthy lifestyle

If you are committed to reaching your goals you are in the right place.

I will teach you train efficiently and perfom exercises with proper form.

I will show you enjoyable and sustainable way to lose weight, gain muscles and keep your ideal shape long term without diets and yoyo effects.

Why to train with me ?

  • Supervision of the correct technique and the full focus of the coach on you
  • Precise adjustment of the training to your goals and needs
  • Regular change and preparation of a training plan according to your possibilities and goals 
  • Improve your mobility, strength, fitness, stability, coordination
  • Possibility of individual consultation on various issues, e.g.  diet or lifestyle
  • Time flexibility and time adaptation to your possibilities 
  • Very low risk of injury or overload
  • Adjusting the training exactly according to the current condition and physical form
  • I will help you to lose weight and get in shape, develop a habit and love for exercise and a healthy diet
  • Will teach you how to eat well without starving yourself or not eating food you like
  • Find out that your energy level can be completely different from what you were used to
  • Have self-confidence and gain self-love 
  • Improve your health and immunity

Contact me for free

Let’s talk about your fitness goals and setup a starting points for your future workouts. First 30 minute consultation is free, but if you want more in-depth consultation, the 60 minute online consultation is just for you!